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14025Collecting data : Types of data : What I'd do...
14021Measures : Summary : Mean, median and mode
14000Measures : Summary : What I'd do...
13980Measures : The mode : How to...
13979Measures : The median : How to...
13978Displaying data : Line graphs : How to...
13702Measures : The mean from a frequency table : Example 14
13700Measures : The median : Example 3
13041Displaying data : Summary : Example 1*
13030Measures : Summary : Example 2*
13029Displaying data : Bar charts : Example 2*
13023Measures : The mean : Example 5
13016Displaying data : Bar charts : Composite bar chart
13015Displaying data : Chart tool kit : Display your own line of best fit
13014Displaying data : Chart tool kit : Display your own pie chart

Understand the data handling cycle and terms and processes used in it. Produce and interpret and draw conclusions from a range of charts and diagrams. Calculate statistical measures of average and spread, using a calculate where appropriate. Recognise correlation and draw and use a line of best fit. Compare distributions and draw conclusions. See and print out the Statistics Fact Sheet on the Fact Sheets Page.