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13796Number : Standard form : A planet's circumference
13696Number : Standard form : Example 9
13675Sets : Operations : Matching O-test
13674Graphics calculator : Turning points : O-test 1
13663Algebra : Simultaneous equations : O-test 1
13662Algebra : Difference methods : O-test 1
13647Graphics calculator : Solving equations : Example 1
13627Graphics calculator : Graphs : Example 7
13626Algebra : Difference methods : Example 4
13625Algebra : Difference methods : Example 3
13624Algebra : Difference methods : Example 2
13623Algebra : Difference methods : Example 1
13622Algebra : Difference methods : Quadratic sequences
13621Algebra : Difference methods : Linear sequences
13612Graphics calculator : Statistics : O-test 1

Here you will find all the topics that do not form part of conventional GCSE (which can be found in the other sections on the site) but are in International GCSE courses. As there is significant variation between courses, you must check to see if the topic is part of your own syllabus. Each page will tell you which syllabii are relevant.

At present this section is targeted at the following International GCSE syllabii:

  • Cambridge IGCSE 0580, 0607
  • Edexcel IGCSE Syllabus A 4MA0

The new Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in Mathematics (KMAO) has been accredited and available for teaching in state schools from September 2011. The content is identical to Edexcel IGCSE Syllabus A 4MA0, and so is covered here wherever 4MA0 is listed.