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140893D Shapes : Prisms : Cuboid
140883D Shapes : Pyramids : Pentagon based pyramid
140873D Shapes : Pyramids : Square based pyramid
140863D Shapes : Pyramids : Triangle based pyramid
140853D Shapes : Prisms : Octagonal prism
140843D Shapes : Prisms : Hexagonal prism
140833D Shapes : Prisms : Pentagonal prism
140823D Shapes : Prisms : Triangular prism
140813D Shapes : Platonic solids : Icosahedron
140803D Shapes : Platonic solids : Dodecahedron
140793D Shapes : Platonic solids : Octahedron
140783D Shapes : Platonic solids : Cube
140773D Shapes : Platonic solids : Tetrahedron
14073Perimeter area volume : Volumes : What I'd do
14059Perimeter area volume : Cylinders : What I'd do

Understand and use properties of lines, angles, triangles and quadrilaterals. Recognise reflection and rotation symmetry, congruence and similarity. Use Pythagoras' theorem. Understand all the parts of a circle. Transform 2 dimensional shapes by a variety of rotations, reflections, translations and enlargements. Make constructions, including loci, using a straight edge and compasses. Find perimeters and areas of a variety of shapes, including triangles, parallelograms, trapeziums and circles. Find volumes of shapes based on prisms. See and print out the Geometry Fact Sheet on the Fact Sheets Page.